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Bakary Sako discussion
---Quote (Originally by MasterYoda)--- 4 in the league plus one in the EFL cup. ---End Quote--- Ah, thanks for that!.
Reinstate Mike Rankine - CPFC Matchday Announcer
---Quote (Originally by BeaverWilly)--- The guy is famous now. 107 million views on youtube.....
The Walking Dead - Contains Spoilers
---Quote (Originally by Skin Up)--- why do non bitten people turn upon dying, ---End Quote--- They dealt with that way back when they left the....
Player Ratings And Reviews: Watford (home)
As an aside, watching the 7 angles video on Palace player thing, look at Lukaís Reaction to the winning goal [emoji23].
Roy Hodgson discussion
You'll do for me Roy...
Suggested Team and Formation For: Leicester 16th December 2017
---Quote (Originally by GreatGonzo)--- The FA disagree with you and say he is banned. ---End Quote--- They do ....
James "General" McArthur
Jimmy has plenty of energy. He buzzes around up top and does he fair share of defensive duties. I would welcome him coming in for RLC who I think is....
Pro Cycling Thread
---Quote (Originally by Adlerhorst)--- What? The last time I was in A&E with asthma and the nebuliser broke, the nurse improvised with a absolute....
Ashes 17-18
Its not a great article. Me granny could have written that with a stick of rhubarb..
The Original and still the best Self-indulgent Ale Thread
Having a hectic week. Will aim for Vauxhall for a couple..
Brexit - the economic and social impact
WTO looking more attractive day by day..
Wilfried Zaha discussion
---Quote (Originally by 1905)--- Where are you seeing that he has not been credited for it? He has been awarded an assist in Fantasy Premier League....
Christian Benteke Discussion
He really needs to up his game as his contribution is well below what it should be. I'm just hoping he scores very soon and gets some confidence....
Who else is resigned to relegation?
---Quote (Originally by Martin H)--- I was thinking about our form this morning and it feels as if over the last 3 or so games we have lost some of....
Say something positive about Palace
We're resilient and don't give up.
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