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Pardew has to go now
---Quote (Originally by Bryan)--- And a shit goalkeeper ---End Quote--- You seem to be confused. We conceded roughly the same number of goals....
App loads fine on Android but still not showing posts.
Is Cabaye our Rooney
I think the problem with Cabaye is that people were expecting a flashy playmaker-style player. But that's a massive misconception about how he plays.....
Boxing Thread
Paulie Malignaggi for me is one of the best pundits I've ever listen too. Speaks perfect sense and breaks down the tactics well. He also has no time....
WWE thread (Bryan era onwards)
Off to Progress' latest Chapter this afternoon, mad to think they're doing it at the Brixton Academy. Hoping my boy Haskins wins the title....
---Quote (Originally by humpo)--- ouch ---End Quote--- Some very....
Would the leave vote increase if the remain camp had their 2nd referendum ?
---Quote (Originally by racehorse-80s)---....
Arsene Venger
Amy Lawrence wrote a superb article on Wenger in Friday's Grauniad The guy is amazing. You can only wonder how he keeps going. I am a big fan..
Sunderland's forum
---Quote (Originally by AddiscombeEagle)--- Why is Moyes now considered a bad manager ? Job he did at Everton was brilliant and he inherited a....
Player Ratings And Reviews: Sunderland (away)
---Quote (Originally by delboy01)--- Impressive coverage from sky! Made it look like we did nothing until the 61st min. They spent 2 minutes of....
Brexit - the economic and social impact
---Quote (Originally by racehorse-80s)--- WTF you on about , you asked me to prove that Osborne made claims of economic turmoil after a brexit leave....
Jeremy Corbyn Leadership Challenge. Split thread
---Quote (Originally by matt_himself)--- Labour have lost the North to UKIP because they didn't listen to the 'man on the street' about his concerns....
Andros Townsend
When I heard he had a relegation release clause this became an absolute no brainer. I am a big fan of Bolasie and how his style of football can....
He needs to get fit for a sustained period of time. He's never had that in his time at the club..
Some addons would appear to be no longer working on Android due to the developers no longer supporting the Android version of their addon. Videos....
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