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DNC Convention
---Quote (Originally by Hedgehog)--- I wasn't convinced by Bernie last night. His endorsement of Hilary just didn't ring true for me. I'm still....
Rumour: Christian Benteke
Good point about the Bundesliga, I think that a lot of them would adapt to the English game very quickly..
Jeremy Corbyn Leadership Challenge. Split thread
---Quote (Originally by Lukey.)--- Because he can't even lead his own party let alone the country. ---End Quote--- He is standing up for the....
France church hostages
---Quote (Originally by A Wooden Fish On Wheels)--- We've got the second largest arms industry in the entire world... How much terror and murder....
premiership grounds and how selhurst rates
---Quote (Originally by mart63)--- Poorly served by public transport? ---End Quote--- It's a myth that's been repeated for years. I think it....
My new street food business
Aargh, that reads like a brush off. Wasn't meant as one sorry, too tired to express myself properly. PM me & let's chat about it. Love the mixes btw.
Live Com and Updates: Colchester Utd v Crystal Palace
Having seen the whole buildup for the goal now it was a nice piece of play that I am sure would have pleased the mgt/coaching team. Patient play at....
Embed a video of a song you like
6CqPul_8z_4 UAagxq0nuYg.
Pre Season Chipstead v Palace 'development squad' 29 July, 7.45
Been cancelled according to their website. No reason given..
Pre Season Dulwich Hamlet 26th July
Well I really enjoyed what I could see if the game, from behind my hot dog stall. We were a bit under the cosh as I got a puncture on the way to the....
Rumour: Zeki Fryers to Blackburn
---Quote (Originally by Typical Palace)--- He is singularly the worst signing made under CPFC2010, worst value; bad attitude, poor footballer, done....
When not drinking, I smoke about two rolled up cigs a day. Naturally I thought this was stupid and decided to buy some nicotine patches so I bought....
What school did you go to?
---Quote (Originally by Maidstoned Eagle)--- Otherwise known as Boney Bastards ---End Quote--- I was one :hi:, left 77, looked on Google seems the....
The Home Shirt Referendum
That design is based on that shirt from that big photo above, beating Bayern away in the uefa cup. Their biggest result ever. What would be a....
Pre Season Metropolitan Police - Tue 26 July 2016
anyone get the score from this one. chilling with a beer in Vegas. Only 43 degrees c!!!. i know poor excuse. :p.
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