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Brexit - the economic and social impact
---Quote (Originally by El Aguila)--- I think you need to imagine something different to appointment or election - elections put you at the mercy of....
Mandanda- when is he back?
---Quote (Originally by GrayP41ace)--- It's been mentioned many times the key saves mandanda made and at key times, in the majority of his games. ....
Match Updates: Sutton United v Arsenal
---Quote (Originally by Northern_palace)--- Not in the slightest. Those people getting on the bandwagon saying he has done wrong in the holier than....
Suggested Team and Formation For: Boro (home)
---Quote (Originally by glaziers fan)--- If it was me (not expecting this to be the team): ....
You got crabs too..
Southern Railway bastards
---Quote (Originally by Popester)--- TBF, whilst mushroom has said he wants improved CCTV, he has also said he doesn't want DOO, he wants up to....
How much do you drink on a match day?
---Quote (Originally by Polak)--- Best wasn't pure class when he broke Ian Evans' leg. ---End Quote--- Rachid Harkouk was in the 'return' game at....
February Betting Masters - 159
Bet 3 San Marino v Andorra, over 3.5 goals, 5.5 Will Hill.
Official" F1 Predictions & Gossip 2017
So all three of the cars so far uncovered for the new season......They all look the Bloody same to me!!!.
Recommend a TV programme
---Quote (Originally by pallet)--- Still have not watched series 2. ---End Quote--- Do it, it takes place over the last few months of Escobars....
Daily Palace Quiz Question
---Quote (Originally by big bad John)--- Seems like you got them all lads. Elwiss came out with two I hadn't thought of Ernie Whalley and Peter....
An Evening With Maidstoned Eagle
---Quote (Originally by biggus mickus)--- Cant wait to see his new premises. Lots of bright neon lights outside. Feathers to be worn by barstaff.....
Roger Hynd
---Quote (Originally by Dawkins' Banana)--- I have an original. It's where I got the names from in my post #51. See attached thumbnails for the....
Selhurst Park Redevelopment
---Quote (Originally by mcmean)--- I know I've mentioned it before - but surely we can buy out the Mosque that owns the land just north of Betts....
South London VfB
---Quote (Originally by BVB Bob)--- Rumours the Palace v Spurs game could be that week. Grrr. Will have to wait for news. The good news is that I....
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