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Question Time.
---Quote (Originally by Wolfnipplechips)--- That God big decisions are not made on a clappometer. Referendums are bad enough.:p ---End Quote---....
Suggestion: Joe Hart
---Quote (Originally by Owngoal)--- 100,000 a week bright eyes?? For that he is shite. Mistake in Euros epically bad and one the other night was....
Shots fired outside Parliament
---Quote (Originally by Chief Brody)--- Yes sweetie, for telling dazzler to STFU. It's telling me I can't rep you again. ---End Quote--- Ask a mod....
Brexit - the economic and social impact
---Quote (Originally by Wolfnipplechips)--- And less skills, nurses etc. The minimum wage has nothing whatsoever to do with immigration. ---End....
Which high street retailer will be the next to go down the toilet?
---Quote (Originally by BlazeRIP)--- Nat West in Biggin Hill gone too ---End Quote--- Nat West to be in trouble for their ridiculous adverts alone..
Storyville and other documentaries
---Quote (Originally by switchboard)---....
US Airstrikes kill over 200 civilians at shelter in Mosul
I wish you weren't using the deaths of people to make petty political points. It's a bit unpleasant..
Wayne Hennessey
---Quote (Originally by Timbo)--- Its not so much vitriol towards WH himself but frustration with certain *posters displaying monotonous blind....
Wilfried Zaha
Pitch invasion 87th minute. .
Cricket Thread
---Quote (Originally by bunghole)--- Glad someone got a laugh out of our ineptitude, RE. ---End Quote--- The beauty of sport mate. We "hate"....
Scottish Independence
---Quote (Originally by SE25 exile)--- There will be more to come now, and more finance to search for it. ---End Quote--- Supposed to be quite a....
Betting Masters CLC 19
Bet 10 Tennis WTA Miami Arruabarrena to beat Konta 6.20 Betfair.
(Jonathan) Benteke out for 3 to 4 months.
---Quote (Originally by Thefunkymonk)--- The one I was chatting too is off to Newcastle on trial this week as his contract ends in summer and he....
Embed a video of a song you like
Line of Duty-BBC crime thriller (SPOILERS).
---Quote (Originally by west country boy)--- Did you watch it live or on a stream? ---End Quote--- watched on iplayer today.
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