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Mamadou Sakho discussion
---Quote (Originally by Chief Brody)--- Dom Fifield tweeted that 'cautiously optimistic' following scan. Bruising and strain. Let's feckin hope....
Relegation worries
I will never bet against Palace..
Judas Wright in today's Sun
---Quote (Originally by Eaglefoz)--- He made his name playing for us. He left us for Arsenal His family was treated badly by our fans when he....
The NFL thread
Glad theres someone else who made the eagles-eagles link. I actually think Alvin Kamara is a better choice than both those two. But I suspect we....
Mandanda- when is he back?
Regardless of Mandana's situation which we know nothing about some people are really showing themselves up in regard to awareness of and attitudes to....
Cycling the Season
Good to see that the Croydon Advertiser have identified the reason for the recent good run. ....
Forest's F1 experiences of the 1980's
So what did you do for a living in the end?.
Leo Messi
---Quote (Originally by SeanPalace84)--- I personally think he's a machine and love watching him play. Messi is magic but I've seen a lot of games....
Brexit - the economic and social impact
NKE please note Previous Tory governments and the current one ensure workers are denied unions by their employers. It's not the fault of the unions....
Relegation Avoidance Calculator
---Quote (Originally by Payroll Legend)--- I think we had to beat them to stay in the old div 2 around 83 as well? ---End Quote--- Oh well if you....
Selhurst Park Redevelopment
---Quote (Originally by Halfwayline)--- The alternative would be to not fill in the corners, build 4 stands designed by 4 different architects. I....
Things that annoy you
---Quote (Originally by Reps AJ)--- When you phone a customer helpline only to be greeted by a computer demanding to know why your calling. The....
Suggestion: Lukasz Skorupski
---Quote (Originally by Tim)--- Where does that leave Szcezny? He would be a good signing if available? ---End Quote--- He'll go to a side playing....
Full Stand Display V Hull
Donation made :p.
season ticket rules
---Quote (Originally by johnnybacaro)--- looking for some help/advise. (not sure if this is the right forum for it). Next year with my next job....
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