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The NFL thread
---Quote (Originally by ben1987)--- I don't know much about the salary cap and contracts but I'll be interested to see how the Jags retain a lot of....
Everton (A) Saturday 10th February 3pm
---Quote (Originally by Dorking .Eagle)--- Thought it might be helpful to fans by describing the various seat options in the away section, as there....
Rumour: Vicente Guaita
Lukasz Skorupski it is then..
Concerts Youíve Walked Out Of?
Feeder 1998 at the Astoria. Had really wanted to see the support - Everclear - and had school the next day so needed to head off and get home..
Fifa 18
---Quote (Originally by james powell)--- Bought Lukas IF, not been back on the game since so havenít used it yet. Quite a jump in rating though!....
Reise Allassani?
Some of goals in this link in case of interest: .
Ordinary people you have met who share famous peoples names.
---Quote (Originally by saxoneagle)--- I know a chap called James Brown, but that must be fairly common. ---End Quote--- Oh yeah I used to play 5....
Official: Keshi Anderson to Swindon on a permanent deal
---Quote (Originally by Sodermalm)--- How much? ---End Quote--- £18.95 They just wouldn't go to the £20.00 asking price.:p.
Roy Hodgson discussion
---Quote (Originally by cpfc4evandeva)--- A good job? We were dead and buried and odds on to go down. It was better than 'a good job'. ---End....
Stateside Eagles Check In 2018!
Brooklyn. Member of the Football Factory massiv, Legends NYC.
Palace Defence 2017-18
palace defence.
Suggestion: Martin Terrier
He'd spend all his time dogging..
Wayne Hennessey discussion
---Quote (Originally by Owngoal)--- Hennessy. In the team since: Jan 31, 2014. Contract until: 30.06.2018. Date of last contract extension: Jun 9,....
Second Brexit vote bbs poll?
---Quote (Originally by kiteagle)--- You write a short post so I'll do my best to put forward pro-leaving arguments briefly as well. I would however....
Joke Thread (New One)
---Quote (Originally by Hibernator)--- URGENT: JOB OFFER I need 8 people to work in a large event, on the 29th, 30th and 31st of February !!! 8....
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