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Half & Half Scarves
Half & Half scarves? I just don't get it:confused:.
Loyalty points (non ticket purchases)
---Quote (Originally by ChuckMcBalls)--- Great, lets reward people for having disposable income to spend on shite. What a great loyalty scheme we....
Windows 8
---Quote (Originally by PhillyEagle)--- I like W7. I need a new desktop, but they only seem to come with W8 now. I'm put off by all the horror....
Brutal AND stupid.
---Quote (Originally by ChiswickEagle)--- It will be interesting to see the sentence she receives for manslaughter. I don't know enough about joint....
County Cricket 2015
I missed the 20/20's last season as i had too much going on .....i did'nt miss much at Grace Road APPARENTLY as we seem to be the worst County side....
Gregory Mertens heart attack
Jeez. Hope he pulls through..
Iranian Forces seize US Vessel
Parked up near the port..
Drop Jedinak?
Sell Jedinak? Ah the internet, separating morons from reality since it's creation :hi:.
Championship 14/15
---Quote (Originally by firesign)--- I'd like to see Ipswich get promoted - have a soft spot for McCarthy ---End Quote--- Same here, that said I'd....
Suggestion: Massimo Luongo
---Quote (Originally by crystaljim)--- Villa are apparently faves. Sherwood created him at Spurs. ---End Quote--- EFA.
The Golf Thread
---Quote (Originally by cpfc4evandeva)--- I use for my handicap. Is this accurate? ---End Quote--- Never heard of that until now.....
CPFC BBS Investment Challenge thread
All trades done! The FT was quite positive on oil explorers today, but watch out for the credit rating agencies. Anyway, here is an update ....
Bournemouth PL promotion watch
---Quote (Originally by NorthCurveEagle)--- FFP wise they will be fine, because they've not spent that much money, most of the money spent is....
''And Leicester'' v Chelsea.
Pearson has come out in the press denying he's going to play a weakened side....hes basically saying the likes of me are insulting his intelligence....
Left 4 Dead Type Game
I have just got Zombie Army Trilogy (on pc) as L4D2 has died a death (pun intended) Enjoyed the SP mode took 33hrs not....

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