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Who are Palace's Best/ worst Palace signings of all time?
Best was Ian Wright. Worst has to be Valerian Ismael although my Dad tells me stories about Mick Hill......
Eddie Izzard abuse
---Quote (Originally by Wydehurst)--- I'm not your mate. ---End Quote--- By the looks of it, I don't think you're anyone's mate!.
May Betting Masters - 150
Bet 3 AFL Multi Sydney v Nth Melb Under 176.5 Melbourne Richmond GWS Bulldogs 9.95 Sportsbet.
European Union referendum thread (23 June 2016)
and the referee for this years FA Cup Final Is..... Mark Clattenburg
Seriously guys let it go We take the piss out of moan utd and rightly so but you are making us look like just like them We were 1-0 up with 12....
Pre Season Metropolitan Police - Tue 26 July 2016
Will their supporters build a wall for the game?.
How to get a council house
No. I figured it would be depressing on too many levels..
Premier League Merit Payments 2015/16
---Quote (Originally by Yogya)--- Profit? I would have thought most of the supposed profit will be sucked up in transfer fees? ---End Quote--- ....
Toilets labled just Ladies or Gents Discriminatory
---Quote (Originally by Jules)--- LOL. Didn't PK turn out to be as depressed and unhappy as we always thought he was? ---End Quote--- I have....
Rumour: 0FCzSIUNxIk
I don't know but I'm always a bit wary of players who court controversy. Don't forget he was at West Brom with Anelka and got involved in that....
Live Com and Updates: Crystal Palace V Manchester United FA Cup Final 2016
A question that is just come into my mind is, was there a late change in the starting 11? Why was Puncheon so angry? surely he would have known he....
An Evening with Neil Shipperley and Andy Johnson
---Quote (Originally by Jono14)--- Literally didn't see this advertised anywhere. ---End Quote--- Me either:frown:.
Which party would run the UK better after a Brexit ?
Cameron has looked like a total plonker during the referendum run up. It's hard to see how he will lead the Government if we come out or the EU or....
Getting a degree in a commmunist country
---Quote (Originally by Jedi's_beard)--- Karl Marx was in the intellectual University tradition. And the father of Communism. And he was kicked....
Rafa Benitez
Plenty of Championship clubs have ended up with transfer bans after over spending..
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