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Christian Benteke Discussion
Only the club really know what is behind his lack of goals this season. It is clearly not (completely) to do with the positions he is taking up - as....
The Original and still the best Self-indulgent Ale Thread
---Quote (Originally by BERT'S HEAD)--- 12 real ales ! You lucky man. Not sure how I've missed this pub, is it a bit off the beaten track ? ---End....
British citizens wrongly deported
---Quote (Originally by Far East Eagle)--- May is a racist and a proven liar. She is a disgrace to the country. Shame on her for not resigning and....
Relegation Avoidance Calculator 17/18
Southampton have a little matter of playing an FA Cup Semi Final at Wembley in two days time. Nobody will want to miss one of their biggest games in....
Things that annoy you
Were you in bed?.
Dulwich Hamlet
---Quote (Originally by Pinkie Brown)--- Thought we were very lucky, worse I've seen us play for ages. But kept going till the end and got a proper....
Did Parish actually play a blinder?
[QUOTE=GanbareWashi;14217671] ---Quote (Originally by strolling bones)--- We were an utter embarrasing shambles under de boer , it took us 3 games....
Should the BBS have a separate "Politics Forum"?
---Quote (Originally by ExiledStirling)--- Why does it matter? (*I have decided to take a stance of being outraged at the very suggestion* and....
Discussion: If We Stay Up
Shaqiri and Schurrle? No thanks . Both great players but prima donnas who only preform when they feel like it. Not whay we need..
Themed Palace 5-a-side teams
Ex Liverpool team Steve Staunton Ray Houghton Mahmadou Sakho Christian Benteke Paul Stewart As there's no goalkeeper Christian Benteke....
Brexit - the economic and social impact
---Quote (Originally by chelmsfordeagle)--- If anyone shouts 'I live in the real world' it is Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson. ---End Quote---....
Holmesdale Radio Podcast - 2017/2018
A day earlier that usual, we have the latest Preview Podcast. We gloat about beating Brighton, discuss a possible deal to sign RLC permanently,....
zaha transfer value
---Quote (Originally by CPFC.1990)--- Yes, because the Simon Jordan CPFC and the current CPFC2010 are very much the same club....! ---End Quote---....
Trialist: Kyron Stabana
If he'd got the brown polish out and chopped himself off at the knees......maybe..
Selhurst Park Redevelopment
---Quote (Originally by Sir.S.C Remembered)--- I work out (very rough calculation) that it should take around 140 fixtures at Selhurst for payback.....
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