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Post a Picture Please - The Sequel
---Quote (Originally by PeterH)--- We have a squad place that needs filling. ---End Quote--- A prime Nige in our side would be lovely..
FYP Podcast - 2017/18 Season
Things seem to hove become toxic on here, what a shame. Really enjoy the pod - even when we're losing every week. BBS not so much.....
Abuse of Roy Hodgson - merged threads
---Quote (Originally by Jules)--- You're right, it is. She tells me that sorting out the stutters, stammers and other minor impediments is a bit....
Match Updates: Champions League 26th/27th
Liverpool not having any luck in the EC. Spurs have scored one and Borussia Dortmund pulled one back, game on.
Brexit - the economic and social impact
---Quote (Originally by SE25 exile)--- No, I was referring to Maz's reference to the minority group, the EDL, and presumably you number among them,....
Steve Parish discussion
---Quote (Originally by CPFC.1990)--- Of course, but if he finds GPD so 'piss-poor' then why waste his time debating? . ---End Quote--- Go away,....
What if Bromley win?
---Quote (Originally by AddoWolz)--- To keep our confidence high we will now be playing Sutton United on Friday night :D ---End Quote--- That....
Holmesdale Radio Podcast - 2017/2018
---Quote (Originally by PeterH)--- Mmm. A discussion point is that clubs at the bottom couldn't compete with the top clubs anymore. No, it's just....
RIP Tony Booth
---Quote (Originally by bubbs11)--- That's two Corrie actors died today; Liz Dawn (Vera Duckworth) too. ---End Quote--- Was he ever in Corrie? ....
Benteke injured and out for 6-8 weeks
---Quote (Originally by Mr Palace)--- Just seen your post as I've been working all day and wasn't able to look at the BBS. With all due respect,....
New movie trailers
OFFICIAL: Frank de Boer sacked
---Quote (Originally by Mr Palace)--- **** him. He ruined our start to the season and really put us in the shit. ---End Quote--- Exactly! Can't....
Newcastle Away (Sat 21/10 3pm)
---Quote (Originally by TheMexicanHorse)--- Tickets purchased Anyone else flying it ---End Quote--- Thinking about it but might be easier to just....
Recommend a TV programme
---Quote (Originally by Terrace Bickle)--- The Viet Nam War on BBC4. Having watched nearly all of the first two episodes I think it'll be considered....
You Tubers
"Brush, Brush, Brush" sounded like a camp Badly Drawn Boy. Catchy though. But "Feelings" is my favourite. It reminds me of a Roger Walters ditty..
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