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Jeremy Corbyn discussion thread
---Quote (Originally by bomberdear)--- The alternative to market forces must be the state determining what is produced and what we want to buy, that....
Ruben Loftus-Cheek discussion
He barely justifies getting in our team let alone England. He's a tidy player but needs to show more and make the most of his assets..
Alan Pardew
The penny has dropped. Pulis fitness to Pardew fitness..
Selhurst Park Redevelopment
---Quote (Originally by palaceporky)--- This document is unavailable at this time. ---End Quote--- Oh well. It's labelled as 'Existing and....
Simon Jordan Robbed at Gunpoint
Yep, 2nd time should watch it. Must really tick him off...
Wilfried Zaha discussion
In the brief highlights I be seen wilf was fouled umpteen times. Just before he was taken off they had kicked him 3 times before he went down and....
Things that annoy you
BBC London trail: 'I love How Londoners are honest'. Really? A higher percentage of shithead tricksters than anywhere else in the country..
Embed a video of a song you like
Season Tickets 2018-19 - Early Bird Pricing ends Sunday 25th March
I signed up to auto renew but forgot about it and renewed my ticket manually which means they won't give me the 200 points even though they got the....
Zaha: "I made the right choice"
---Quote (Originally by Windsor_Eagle)--- The sad thing is that I feel that way too and I am what you'd typically call and England supporter. I....
Moan U
---Quote (Originally by Dobbo)--- Songs ??? Apart from Glory glory and the one about *****na, I never knew they had any. Hope they have songsheets....
Dulwich Hamlet
This week's Private Eye... Image: .
NHS Pay Deal
Council elections coming up...
Russian Spy Shenanigans in Salisbury
---Quote (Originally by Raggy)--- We can choose our friends. Unfortunately, we cannot choose our stalkers. If we could, you would be out on your....
Rumour: Tottenham to Low Ball Us Again For Wilf
---Quote (Originally by Sydenham Eagle)--- If you've been watching Palace for that long how can you possibly leave Sansom off the list? Sansom,....
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