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Rumour: Yohan Cabaye
---Quote (Originally by Jim Cannon)--- Anyway. What is the latest news from Mayday? ---End Quote--- Saw Yohan working in the Costa Coffee, said he....
Rumour: Chris Martin
---Quote (Originally by Friskey)--- I'd rather have Calvin Andrew back. ---End Quote--- You wouldnt ??.
Official: New youth player: Andreas Breimyr
One Norwegian kid I wish we would sign is *Kristoffer Ajer *(plays for my local team Start)..I have mentioned him to Palace in the past..but I'm....
Deary me. BBC coverage of Wimbledon
---Quote (Originally by Yoda)--- If you go to Wimbledon there are huge numbers of fans who cheer on Murray, and Henman before him. I agree there....
Which parts of South London will be on the rise ?
Norwood Junction station now has a fancy mobile coffee van outside klaxon.
Nigel Pearson sacked
And number 3.....heres the away end full of the East Midlands pretenders....3-0 down to us and close enough to my seat to actually witness the tears....
Tour de France 2015
---Quote (Originally by FORZA SELHURST)--- It's a pity Andy Schleck has retired. ;) ---End Quote--- He wasn't getting picked anyway after last....
Rumour: Murray wanted by Norwich/Bournemouth
---Quote (Originally by Chief Brody)--- Well done the both of you. Now what is this charity? Call me a wanker etc etc etc etc but truly, I know not.....
Any more news on next years kits? I know there was a thread but couldn't find it
I've met 2 who like it so far (the Norwich one). Both are home and away season ticket holders though who praise anything the club does and are....
Rumour: Alvaro Emboaba Jr
---Quote (Originally by mroakley9)--- That makes sense. It'd be good to have a Brazilian staff member for when we sign Neymar and David Luiz next....
27 killed in attack on Tunisian beach
Lucky Russell BRand is able to make a career out of commenting on the deaths of others. Funny how he then accuses others of hypocrisy,.
Completing a game story or 100% everything
Bit of a weird one but I was thinking yesterday, what is more important to people, completing the story of a game, or completing a game 100%,....
Post a Picture Please - The Sequel
New shirt sponsors 15/16
---Quote (Originally by Crozzy71)--- What's wrong with online gambling ? ---End Quote--- I always lose..
The NBA thread
---Quote--- * DeMarre Carroll has agreed with the Toronto Raptors on 4-year, $60 million deal, according to ESPN and media reports. * The San....

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