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Our injuries are due to a lack of fitness. Arsenal's because they make players made of glass train on a hard pitch..
Work christmas knees up
Don't go on work parties anymore. When I was 21 and working at a repro firm. We went to TGI and I got smashed. My boss's steak turned up and as he....
words of life advice
Don't ask what it is, just eat it..
Those stats get even more depressing everytime i see them..
Palace Vs Pulis Court Papers released?
---Quote (Originally by Selhurst Celtic)--- Expect a neg rep telling you to FOAD, mate. And not from me for a pleasant change. ---End Quote--- I....
Paul Stewart victim of child abuse revelation
---Quote (Originally by Jules)--- I agree that their behaviour, as alleged, was wrong. But what criminal offence would they have committed? I guess....
Nico Rosberg retires
Paddy McCarthy made under 18's manager
---Quote (Originally by Woosie)--- They won last week. ---End Quote--- Phew, in all that excitement from Swansea last week it must have been too....
New Manager
We may not have long to wait in knowing who it might be should we lose tomorrow..
Players have a lot to answer for
---Quote (Originally by mb23)--- Dann, Kelly and Townsend have been the most disappointing to me. I don't see Dann as a leader in the same way as....
Keeper v Southampton
---Quote (Originally by Owngoal)--- Did he sleep with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Your hatred is unnatural ---End Quote--- Hatred because I....
Manuel (Andrew Sachs) has died
---Quote (Originally by PauLo)--- Imagine putting shows with James Corden and Ricky Gervais in above Fawlty Towers. **** me. ---End Quote--- Spot....
Crystal Ball - Home to Southampton
Crystal Pardew 1 - Benteke Saints 3 - Long, Austin, JWP 24,173 the crowd finally turns.
Android phone thread.
now its in hannover, the carbon footprint of this thing is gonna be off the scale :D.
Le Championnat
Friday 2 December 2016 20:45 SM Caen Dijon FCO Saturday 3 December 2016 17:00 Montpellier Hérault SC Paris Saint-Germain 20:00....
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