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Rumour: Steve Mandana linked as No2 for Bayern Munich
---Quote (Originally by Owngoal)--- The way the bidding is going they will have to pay someone to take it......:supergrin: ---End Quote--- Not....
New Manager Discussion
---Quote (Originally by GrayP41ace)--- 7 weeks isn't a long time, seeing as we've gone through nearly 5 since Hull. We've not had a manager for....
Frank de Boer discussion
---Quote (Originally by Kirby)--- Ruud Gullit - good at Chelsea, awful at Newcastle Martin Jol - alright at Spurs, awful at Fulham Louis Van Gaal....
Brexit - the economic and social impact
---Quote (Originally by costello)--- It is quite astonishing that we haven't had one senior politician come out and say that we need to take stock....
The Original and still the best Self-indulgent Ale Thread
---Quote (Originally by ebyeeckeagle)--- Yes and probably yes. Football gala setting up in morning, 5am start so will need a beer by midday. ---End....
West London tower block fire
---Quote (Originally by smileysmith)--- Fair. ---End Quote--- Why?. Don't you think it shows immaturity using words like that. I don't bite at....
Mobile Phone Help
As long as you have paid six months of the phone contract then the phone is yours and there will be nothing to pay off on the phone itself just the....
Horse & Greyhound Betting tips
Bin Battuta at 25/1 e/w in the last as well..
Who Was The Last Famous Person You See In Real Life?
---Quote (Originally by Popester)--- Rehab in Thailand? That'll work. ---End Quote--- Some of the strictest drug laws in the world. ....
---Quote (Originally by andyocpfc)--- Probably be spoken about in length preciously on this thread. Is everyone using a VPN these days? If so I....
Mauricio Pellegrino
---Quote (Originally by Thefunkymonk)--- One of pardews staff told me We missed on rincon because they were chasing another 'deal'.. that deal was....
Brighton - time for us to grow up?
---Quote (Originally by El Aguila)--- I must admit, when John Fashanu scored against us in the game immediately after his brother "came out" in the....
Telematics / Smart box car insurance
:D (It's a Fiesta 1.2 Ghia but with an XR2 badge and an 'On a Mission' sticker on the tinted back window.).
Pre Season Maidstone v Palace Sat 15th July 1pm
Not being funny but had you logged in? Tickets showing as available..
Sir SCR - we have 'chatted many times' on here about the wider topic and Share the enthusiasm but differ on expectation of what's possible and what....
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