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Originally Posted by wehatepalace View Post
Hitler is in Sweden, but only because those around him asked him to go somewhere, far enough away so they wouldnt have to smell the breath from his rotten teeth.
I have momentarily rescinded my spot on the park bench to go on a very pleasant CRUISE across the Baltic....again.
The filet mig last evening was exceptional, though the gravy was a little rich.
Breakfast buffet......well! I'm now considering bolemia, but this padded leather sofa is too sumptuous to want to haul my distended belly out of. I feel like I could not manage a 'waffer thin mint', or a luftwaffe style bombing of ze bogs (aka 'the Selhursts').
I viewed yet another fine Albion win last Friday night, much to the chagrin of one Svenska flika who changed her mind (like they do) about the footy when she saw there was some shit film on one of the hundreds of channels - that she's seen several times ffs! Wtf, and Fawlty Towers repeats.....
Nope, there's no brilliant free kick goals into the top corner with those options!
As the ship slips serenely across the sparkling sea through sun soaked archipelago islands, the day is looking rather luminous in its beauty.
Euphoria is here and now . The mojito cocktails will come later

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