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Sexy aircraft
---Quote (Originally by RazorsEdge)--- pIIjWfF9vvM This looks very nice and sleek. Flies at circa 50'000 feet, and is not visible to naked....
Cricket Thread
Amazing Test match..
Possible Breakthrough in Lee Boxell case
These podcasts are really good. Such a heartbreaking story. .
Lady Hussey Quits.
---Quote (Originally by Golf Boy)--- Stop being an asshole:angel: ---End Quote--- Exactly….
Do you support the rail strikes?
---Quote (Originally by mushroom)--- DOO everywhere will be devastating for elderly and disabled ---End Quote--- Not just those groups but any....
A .410 is handy for these problems..
Things that annoy you
---Quote (Originally by Sick Bucket)--- Nope didn't say that at all, I just don't know what the point of her being there was really, well I do the....
Kristy Alley RIP
Sexiest Vulcan ever. RIP.
---Quote (Originally by croydon proud)--- Nice one, I do like to try and buy the European stuff first- especially the veg - Irish or Polish....
---Quote (Originally by TAK)--- Just sorry I couldn't fish with Martin as originally planned. ---End Quote--- Are you still dickie ?.
Ukraine - Putin invades
Just a bit of info for those who would like to help Ukraine. Our local church is co-ordinating with a number of other churches of all....
Wordle 535 4/6 🟦⬛🟦⬛⬛ 🟦🟦⬛⬛🟦 ⬛🟦🟦🟦🟦 🟧🟧🟧🟧🟧.
1987/88 season - game by game
Yeah this was an epic encounter which became something of a legend for a period of time due to the high levels of controversy surrounding the match.....
MLB & Fantasy Baseball 2022
Justin Verlander is going to make twice as much coin pitching in his 40s as he did in the entirety of his twenties. In fact he is going to make as....
Nathan Ferguson
---Quote (Originally by Martin H)--- He also looks different physically to me. Less like a body builder and more like a fit footballer. Powerful....
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Crystal Palace v Fulham 26-12-2022 15:00
AFC Bournemouth v Crystal Palace 31-12-2022 15:00
Crystal Palace v Tottenham Hotspur 04-01-2023 20:00
Crystal Palace v Southampton 07-01-2023 12:30
Chelsea v Crystal Palace 15-01-2023 14:00
Crystal Palace v Newcastle United 21-01-2023 17:30
Manchester United v Crystal Palace 04-02-2023 15:00
Crystal Palace v Brighton & Hove Albion 11-02-2023 15:00
Brentford v Crystal Palace 18-02-2023 15:00
Crystal Palace v Liverpool 25-02-2023 19:45
Aston Villa v Crystal Palace 04-03-2023 15:00
Crystal Palace v Manchester City 11-03-2023 15:00
Arsenal v Crystal Palace 18-03-2023 15:00
Crystal Palace v Leicester City 01-04-2023 15:00
Leeds United v Crystal Palace 08-04-2023 15:00
Southampton v Crystal Palace 15-04-2023 15:00
Crystal Palace v Everton 22-04-2023 15:00
Wolverhampton Wanderers v Crystal Palace 25-04-2023 19:45
Crystal Palace v West Ham United 29-04-2023 15:00
Tottenham Hotspur v Crystal Palace 06-05-2023 15:00
Crystal Palace v AFC Bournemouth 13-05-2023 15:00
Fulham v Crystal Palace 20-05-2023 15:00
Crystal Palace v Nottingham Forest 28-05-2023 16:00

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