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Strathclyde Eagle 14-10-2007 11:45 PM

Anyone want to guess the Dolphins-Pats line for next week? Pats by 18 1/2?

Grim Reaper 15-10-2007 01:07 AM

I love theJets and I love the Giants but my favourite player is the one, the only LADAINIAN TOMLINSON.

The guy is unreal.

Has won me money and given me a lot of enjoyment listening to his career this past few years.

Just turned a nasty looking loss into a ncie win with his 4th TD of the day to go with the money he won by rushing for over 95.5 yards shortly after half time.

The guy is solid gold. If the Pats or Colts were to get him they'd go 16-0 for sure!!

Grim Reaper 15-10-2007 01:11 AM


Originally posted by Strathclyde Eagle
Anyone want to guess the Dolphins-Pats line for next week? Pats by 18 1/2?
Pats by 16....but given the almost weekly shoot outs Miami are involved in this year they might actually cover that in a 41-31 loss like tonight's game.

Grim Reaper 15-10-2007 01:27 AM

Pats scarily impressive tonight.

Dismantling a 5-0 takes some doing.

At least in the last 5-0 v 5-0 clash, the Jets may have lost but at least they held NE to 13

jlmatthews 15-10-2007 03:17 AM

Just home from the game.
Here's a quick pic I took on my cell phone from my seat in the press box.


The Dolphins are just bad. The defense is HORRIBLE! I thought Lemon did a nice enough job, but he's nothing special. Ronnie Brown on the other hand, is awesome! Even better in person. I was really impressed. The Browns are a little below a middle of the road team, but with their weak schedule, they might sneak in an 8-8 season and a trip to the playoffs.

After the game we were waiting outside the Dolphins lockerrrom (punter is from Toledo) and we could hear Cameron really giving it to them. Bumped into Taylor and Thomas.... When we walked in several players had their heads down and were just sitting there... hadn't even hit the showers yet.

As for the spread next week... I say 18.

joyce the voice 15-10-2007 04:35 AM

Miami often play the Pats close, and they're bound to get some breaks sooner or later, so I think next week will be reasonably close.
Boy oh boy my Pats are amazing! Spygate will always be a blemish (but I don't see it as more than that), but Belichik is proving every week that he is indeed a genius. Can't wait for the Colts in three weeks time in the dome with their happy-clappy mom and pop fans.

jlmatthews 15-10-2007 04:55 AM

Forgot to mention I bumped into Jim Brown in the press box and talked to him for a bit!

Strathclyde Eagle 15-10-2007 02:19 PM

Again, the Dolphins biggest weakness is the secondary. The Pats' biggest strength (of many) is their haul of wideouts. We're 0-6, they're 6-0. This line is going to be huge.

Add in the hints from Boston media about Zach Thomas being a cheat and I get the feeling they'll want to run up the score. Wouldn't surprise me if they score in the 70s.

Ronnie Brown is still pleasing though. I really liked the play where he spun out of two sets of tacklers and then dived for the first down. He's getting hard yardage with little help from his blockers.

One further prediction, I really think at some point Cameron's going to break out a hook-and-lateral this season. Makes perfect sense to get Ronnie out in the open field and running at some DBs. It also wouldn't surprise me if we started onside kicking earlier in the game - if the defence can't stop anyone anyway what have we got to lose?

Stavros 69 15-10-2007 02:23 PM

My boy Owens didnt come up with the goods.

nookiebear 15-10-2007 02:28 PM

Am actually disappointed as a Skins fan the team isn't at least 4&1, maybe even 5&0, which considering the shambles that was last season shows how they have improved

The two defeats have come against good sides when the Skins offense has basically gone AWOL in the second half.

Still, fancy our chances against the Cardinals next week in DC, and before the start of the season, I'd have bitten whole arms off for a 4&2 start :) (if it happens)

Skins defense is awesome this season - Packers held to 250 yards, Detroit 150-odd

Just need the offense to score a few more points and make less mistakes

Grim Reaper 15-10-2007 03:12 PM

Thank God for Miami. I'd be suicidal as Jet with the 1-5 start but for them!!

As it is, I just keep convincing myself my happy memories of Leon's 64 yard run v Miami, the awesome thrashing of the Packers and the high scoring win v Detroit were all in fact during the season and that Mangini is still a genius.

Grim Reaper 15-10-2007 03:13 PM


Originally posted by Grim Reaper
Pats by 16....
God, I'm good ;) :D


Grim Reaper 15-10-2007 03:14 PM

Remember Tony, Pats were massive faves and up by 13 with 2 mins to go three seasons ago and you STILL beat them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Strathclyde Eagle 15-10-2007 05:05 PM

Yeah, but Jason Taylor was a beast that night. He just isn't at the same level this season (picking up a bit now, but still a way to go).

Strathclyde Eagle 15-10-2007 05:07 PM


Originally posted by Grim Reaper
Thank God for Miami. I'd be suicidal as Jet with the 1-5 start but for them!!
Pats - 6-0
Rest of AFC East - 2-16 :eek:

When's the earliest the Pats can win the division? Week 9?

The earliest I remember a team clinching was the 85 Bears in week 11. No byes back then and the Bears were undefeated at that point.

elliott 16-10-2007 12:28 AM

If all goes their way (eg Dolphins start to win divisional games) Pats can get it wrapped up by week 10 and their bye week.

Anyway... got my sign planned for Wembley:


...THE MIAMI......

Strathclyde Eagle 16-10-2007 12:31 AM

If I was feeling positive, I'd photoshop something up about "The Brown who really runs the UK".

Erm, but I'm not, obviously.

Strathclyde Eagle 16-10-2007 12:35 AM


Originally posted by Grim Reaper
God, I'm good ;) :D


Out to 17 I understand. This line's only going in one direction.

elliott 16-10-2007 12:39 AM


Originally posted by Strathclyde Eagle
If I was feeling positive, I'd photoshop something up about "The Brown who really runs the UK".

Erm, but I'm not, obviously.

please! that'd look cool.

Strathclyde Eagle 17-10-2007 07:41 AM

Good job I wasn't planning on wearing my Chris Chambers jersey to Wembley.


(Note to self: Buy throwbacks in future.)

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