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Benzhiyi 31-08-2008 11:18 AM


Originally posted by pauldrulez
I am very, very high.
We know.

And given the way that secondary played in pre-season Wheatley as a starter is basically astonishing.

I wouldn't read anything into those numbers by the way. There are 44 others going spare too.

pauldrulez 31-08-2008 11:26 AM

But it is a big thing according to the people in the know.

Troy Brown is unlikely with 17 receiving options on the team.

Seau, not sure there.

Ty Law is likely and I wouldnt be surprised if it happened. If not, its between Wheatley and Lewis Sanders with Merriweather thrown in.

pauldrulez 31-08-2008 09:19 PM


Spot the mistake :D

pauldrulez 01-09-2008 04:44 PM

3 days until the start of the season.

2 more random predictions of mine:

Offensive rookie of the year: Rashard Mendenhall RB Pittsburgh Steelers.

Defensive rookie of the year: Jerod Mayo LB New England Patriots.

jlmatthews 01-09-2008 05:36 PM


Originally posted by pauldrulez

Most Likely to lead the league in Fumbles: Rashard Mendenhall RB Pittsburgh Steelers.

EFA etc etc...

pauldrulez 01-09-2008 05:55 PM


Originally posted by jlmatthews
Most Likely to lead the league in Fumbles: Darren McFadden RB Oakland Raiders

pauldrulez 01-09-2008 05:56 PM

Not that it matters to me thinking about it, I have them both in my fantasy squads.

Benzhiyi 01-09-2008 06:18 PM


Originally posted by pauldrulez
Defensive rookie of the year: Jerod Mayo LB New England Patriots.
Wait, what happened to your mancrush on Gholston?

Or, right, pre-season happened. Or, for him, didn't. Whoops.

I'll go Jonathan Stewart to lock down the starting gig in Carolina and take the Offensive Rookie of the Year award. Putting aside your inevitable Pats bias, it's genuinely hard to see Mayo getting the defensive one simply because New England spend so much of every game on offense.

Contrast that with Chris Long and Glenn Dorsey. They'll see plenty of snaps and so have every shot at making their mark.

Outside bet: Philip Merling. Yep, that's me being biased right there. :o

pauldrulez 01-09-2008 06:32 PM

Gholston - meh, old news. The Jerks have soiled him.

What has happened with Chris Long, havent heard anything about him.

Stewart is a decent shout for ORTY.

In all honesty, Mayo is being pushed hugely from all sources in Foxboro.

Dorsey seems to have injuries.

Should Jacksonville perform again this year, Derrick Harvey could be in with a shout as they used 3 picks on him as pass-rushing was their main need.

pauldrulez 01-09-2008 08:11 PM

Heres the SKY Schedule for September:
Phins, Skins and Pats only on once for the fans on here :(
Whereas Dallas are on 4 times
04/09: New York Giants vs. Washington Redskins - 12am
07/09: New Orleans Saints vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 6pm
07/09: Miami Dolphins vs. New York Jets (Interactive) - 6pm
07/09: Cleveland Browns vs. Dallas Cowboys - 9:15pm
07/09: San Diego Chargers vs. Carolina Panthers (Interactive) - 9:15pm
07/09: Indianapolis Colts vs. Chicago Bears - 1:15am
08/09: Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings (HD) - 12am
08/09: Oakland Raiders vs. Denver Broncos (HD) - 3:15am

14/09: Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers - 6pm
14/09: Minnesota Vikings vs. Indianapolis Colts (Interactive) - 6pm
14/09: New York Jets vs. New England Patriots - 9:15pm
14/09: Denver Broncos vs. San Diego Chargers (Interactive) - 9:15pm
14/09: Cleveland Browns vs. Pittsburgh Steelers - 1:15am
15/09: Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles (HD) - 1:30am

21/09: New York Giants vs. Cincinnati Bengals - 6pm
21/09: Tennessee Titans vs. Houston Texans (Interactive) - 6pm
21/09: Indianapolis Colts vs. Jacksonville Jaguars - 9:15pm
21/09: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (Interactive) - 9:15pm
21/09: Green Bay Packers vs. Dallas Cowboys - 1:15am
22/09: San Diego Chargers vs. New York Jets (HD) - 1:30am

28/09: Cincinnati Bengals vs. Cleveland Browns - 6pm
28/09: New Orleans Saints vs. San Francisco 49ers (Interactive) - 6pm
28/09: Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins - 9:15pm
28/09: St. Louis Rams vs. Buffalo Bills (Interactive) - 9:05pm
28/09: Chicago Bears vs. Philadelphia Eagles - 1:15am
29/09: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens (HD) - 1:30am

Benzhiyi 01-09-2008 09:21 PM

I just got butterflies of excitment in my stomach reading that.




get in!

Will watch the first hour of Giants vs Pats on Thursday night and Sky Plus the rest for Friday am viewing.

Sunday night I reckon I'll pump for Fins-Jets, switching to Saints-Bucs at the start of the fourth quarter when we're 6-28 down, followed by Browns-Cowboys. Indy-Chitown can be Sky Plussed for Monday.

Shedload of beer leftover from the wedding already in the fridge. Yes!

Massive fat bastard pizzas will have to be ordered. Yes!


pauldrulez 01-09-2008 09:31 PM

I guess you mean Giants-Skins... rather than Giants-Pats.

I'm going for some of the Giants-Skins.

Then Phins-Jets, Cowgirls match and then the Colts.

Then the Vikes match. Great weekend, but 8 matches but no Chiefs@Pats, with all the rookies and the Pats' struggles. Oh well, Pats@Jets will be a great match on SKY.

Benzhiyi 01-09-2008 11:54 PM

Pats will smash the Chiefs. Don't believe any of the posturing that's gone on in pre-season, it's all the usual Belicheat bluffing nonsense.

RDSdaEAGLE 01-09-2008 11:59 PM


Originally posted by jlmatthews
EFA etc etc...
Agreed, he'll need to develop a tighter grip of the ball to get such an accolade.

AddiscombeEagle 02-09-2008 12:00 AM

Long wait for me to see the Ravens in action.

Strathclyde Eagle 02-09-2008 12:55 AM


Originally posted by pauldrulez
Heres the SKY Schedule for September:
Phins, Skins and Pats only on once for the fans on here :(

Sky aren't getting any more money from me until I get a MAC code that works. :veryangry

And I'm emotionally detached this season. I'm not getting excited about a 3-13 season (at best) with Pennington at QB. We might as well have that lino who used to get stick at Selhurst in the mid-90s behind center.

And you all really know that the league leader in fumbles will be Kurt Warner, because it is always him. Or it should be. I've not checked.


80 career fumbles in 94 career games! :eek:


Strathclyde Eagle 02-09-2008 01:14 AM

P.S. Is anyone starting one of the survival picks leagues this year? I'll try and start one tomorrow if no-one else has, but I've got a bit of a busy week this week.

pauldrulez 02-09-2008 02:00 AM

Chester has some sort of picks thing going on, cant remember what it was though. I really helped there didnt I.

Ben, I take some of it back about Wheatley, the Pats have got a veteranish CB who has been to the Probowl twice but of course I cant remember his bloody name. So no starting for Terrence yet, but I think he will this year.

Kevin "Dope" Faulk missing for the first game.

I hope we run the ball well against the Chiefs as that is where we have struggled in Pre-season and what we didnt do in the last postseason when we needed to be able.
Should it not be working, 3 long bombs to Moss should put the game out of sight from the 10 starting rookie Chiefs. (I hope)

I may be able to find links for any games that people want to watch, I wont post the link to the direct stream but can post a link to a website that provides links to it if anyone requires, this way it doesnt get the BBS in any trouble.

How many NFL teams are represented on the BBS? I was trying to count them up but got stuck after: Pats, Skins, Phins, Cowboys, Ravens... Is there a Seahawks fan anywhere or am I imagining it?

jlmatthews 02-09-2008 02:17 AM


Chester 02-09-2008 02:20 AM


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