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Benzhiyi 27-02-2009 12:56 AM

Dolphins sign Gibril Wilson and re-sign Yeremiah Bell on the same day.

Suddenly we look real mean at safety. Lovely.

Crowder back on board too. I still think we can upgrade over him but he'll do for the next season or two.

nookiebear 27-02-2009 12:07 PM

DeAngelo Hall resigns for the Skins. Great news.

I'm concerned we might splash too much cash on Albert Haynesworth, but if we do get him and a decent linebacker in the draft to replace Marcus Washington, DC will be home to one heck of a defence. We'd be basically upgrading a defense that was No4 last season. Awesome stuff.

That of course, doesn't change the fact that our offense is a toothless tiger and we'll finish 8&8 again :)

nookiebear 27-02-2009 12:34 PM


here are the teams with the most and least salary-cap room heading into the start of free agency.

Tampa Bay — $61 million
Kansas City — $57 million
Philadelphia — $48 million
Denver — $37 million
Green Bay — $34 million

Carolina — $1.9 million
New England — $3.2 million
Indianapolis — $6.6 million
Pittsburgh — $7.4 million
Washington — $8.1 million

jazman 27-02-2009 01:56 PM


We spoke a few weeks ago concerning where the next new franchise or relocation. Looks like LA are making a bid once more ...

jj62255 27-02-2009 01:56 PM

So, can someone tell me how the Redskins can sign Hall and Haynesworth with only 8.1m in cap room?

Also, no offense, but Dan Snyder really is a moron. He splashes the cash every year in FA, and where does it get them? No doubt Haynesworth is a very good player, when he can be bothered, but so far he' never even started a full season. Will be interesting to see how it works out.

jazman 27-02-2009 01:57 PM


And this is no suprise after replacing Romo when injury struck ...

nookiebear 27-02-2009 02:01 PM


Originally Posted by jj62255
So, can someone tell me how the Redskins can sign Hall and Haynesworth with only 8.1m in cap room?

Also, no offense, but Dan Snyder really is a moron. He splashes the cash every year in FA, and where does it get them? No doubt Haynesworth is a very good player, when he can be bothered, but so far he' never even started a full season. Will be interesting to see how it works out.

90,000+ Redskins fans agree with you. He's after a quick fix. Haynesworth is a massive upgrade to an already great defense, though.

I think we'll release Springs for a bit more cap room. They've also been re-structuring a lot of existing players' deals, which will cripple the team even more in future seasons, but there's going to be an uncapped year, isn't there?

I am actually more concerned about the issues facing the Redskins' offense. We need help on the line badly

pauldrulez 27-02-2009 02:31 PM

Fred Taylor is a Patriot.

NFL.com reporting Patriots actively chasing Peppers.

Jabari Greer and Leigh Bodden visiting Patriots today.

That is all.

saxoneagle 27-02-2009 03:44 PM


Originally Posted by jazman

And this is no suprise after replacing Romo when injury struck ...

If you had a first round pick you could have Cassel :p

nookiebear 27-02-2009 04:13 PM

:lux: :lux: :lux: :lux: Waay to much cash, but what the hell :lux: :lux: :lux:

Can't wait for Romo to get hammered by Albert, Carter, Taylor and Fletcher :)


WASHINGTON -- Moving swiftly in the first hours of free agency, the Washington Redskins opened their deep pockets and snagged perhaps the biggest name available: All-Pro defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth.

The longtime Tennessee Titans defensive tackle agreed to a seven-year deal worth approximately $100 million early Friday morning. The Redskins, known for their expediency in such matters, wasted no time scheduling a 5 p.m. ET news conference for their latest marquee signing.

Haynesworth's deal came within hours of another Redskins blockbuster: a six-year, $54 million agreement to re-sign cornerback DeAngelo Hall.

A stout, sack-producing interior lineman is just what the Redskins have needed. Haynesworth had a career-high 8.5 sacks last year, more than one-third of Washington's team total (24). The 27-year-old lineman is 6-foot-6, weighs 320 pounds and has 24 sacks in seven NFL seasons since the Titans drafted him in the first round out of the University of Tennessee in 2002.

Haynesworth last year also had 75 tackles, 22 quarterback pressures, seven tackles for a loss and forced a team-high four fumbles.

The moves for Haynesworth and Hall marked a return to form for Redskins owner Dan Snyder, who for much of the decade has won the unofficial NFL offseason title with big-money signings, often negotiated within hours of the midnight start of free agency. The team was uncharacteristically quiet last year -- no major deals at all during the entire free agency period -- but an 8-8 season with an aging roster left holes to fill.

It was uncertain whether the Redskins would be able to fit Haynesworth under the salary cap, but the front office spent this month renegotiating several contracts of current players to clear money for the upcoming season. The team also saved money under the cap by releasing linebacker Marcus Washington.

jlmatthews 27-02-2009 05:35 PM

Housh was on ESPN around 1:30 this morning saying he thought things were going to be all wrapped up for him in the next 30 mins. He then proceeded to throw out a number of teams he would like to go to. I see there's still no deal at this point...

jlmatthews 27-02-2009 05:42 PM

Skins just released Shawn Springs

nookiebear 27-02-2009 05:45 PM

As predicted. Getting on now and injured all the time. Still a great player though. Will probably end up in Dallas

pauldrulez 27-02-2009 08:51 PM

Vrabel undergoing physical for trade to Chiefs. Leaving Pats with one OLB, but a decent amount of cap room despite earlier signings.

Half the Patriots Free Agents are in Denver for physicals, so much for the unwritten rule...

elliott 28-02-2009 02:54 AM

This really makes me chuckle. I know its not real though.

To: John Madden
CC: Electronic Arts Sports
From: Ethan Albright
Re: Being the worst rated player on Madden ‘07

Hi, John, my name is Ethan Albright. I play line for the Washington Redskins. You probably already knew that, so I’ll continue. I am writing in regards to the overall player rating of 53 that I have received in Madden NFL Football 2007. I feel that this is ******* bullshit and you should kiss my mother-******* ass. Ahmed Carroll was rated a 78 and the Packers just cut his ass on a Tuesday morning after his performance in a Monday night game. That is pretty terrible. The worst part is that his overall rating was sniffing 80.

You know what, John? Two can play this game. I rate you a ******* 12. I rate you a ******* 12 in Ethan Albright Football 2000-ever… except for in the category of ball-licking. That is where I will spot you a 98 rating. You will receive this score because I will never give your blubbery ass a 99 in any category. Take that, pencil-dick. Go do Al Micheals or something. Boom. Score one for Red Beard.

It’s also pretty wonderful that my awareness rating was 59. You make it sound like I wake up in the morning, helplessly shit and piss myself, then lose three of my teeth before I discover that I am trying to eat a rock for breakfast. ****, John, I understand you saying that I am slow and lacking athleticism, but a rating like this pretty much labels me as ********. Rod “He Hate Me” Smart has a 52 in this category. Electronic Arts is saying that seven rating points separate me and the breathing embodiment of the perfect oxymoron. Rod Smart struggled to arrange words in sentence form. Cave men had better hold of the English language. The only actions that separate point values of ignorance at this embarrassing level are things like using your own toothbrush to wipe your ass. I basically edged out Rod by my lack of shit teeth. If I take a night school class, could you bump me up to a 60?

I guess I just can’t fathom the fact that I am the absolute worst player rated out of the entire NFL. ****, man, there are some shitty guys out there. Amongst everyone, I was rated the absolute worst.

I have received the impression that you feel that I am lacking in the agility category. I should consider a walk through my living room where I don’t crash trough a wall or kick over furniture a resounding success. My agility rating on your game is 33. It makes it sound like I just topple over if I start walking too fast. Ted Washington is rated a 40 in agility. He is listed at 365 pounds. If Ted Washington tied a white lady up and made her wear a metal bikini, he’d look just like Jabba the Hut.

Red Alert!
John, you are such a ******* dick. I also noticed that my kick return rating was a 0. I was rated a ******* zero? So you feel that I shouldn’t even receive a 10, or even a 5? You are pretty much saying that I couldn’t even fall forward on a ball kicked in my direction. I would just stand there and let the ball bounce off of my ******* face. **** that, John, I returned an onside kick 6 yards in 2002. You should have just slapped a - 4 on me and had the EA staff ambush me with paintball guns.

Finally, I would like to comment on an unlikely topic, my pass coverage ratings. I see that I am a better at man-to-man coverage (31) than zone (21). **** me sideways with a lunchbox. Where did these scores even come from? How much time is spent coming up with the pass coverage ratings of offensive lineman? Can I have that job? Let’s see here, I think that Orlando Pace would be slightly better at jumping intermediate routes than Larry Allen. While I’m at it, I can assign the passing ratings for offensive lineman as well. I can use mine as a guide.

I was rated with a throwing power of 17 and accuracy of 16. Orlando Pace is has a 22 power and 17 accuracy rating. Did someone at EA really put time into figuring out that Orlando Pace edges out Ethan Albright in both throwing power and accuracy? I will challenge him any day. My horrible passer ratings are of greatest misfortune to my son, Red Beard Jr. The poor boy is not only hideously ugly and covered by freakishly large freckles. He also has to suffer through playing catch with me and my senile-elderly-woman-type passer ratings. A session of tossing the pigskin usually consists of me missing my son by thirty yards in sporadic directions. I led him in front of a fire truck once and my wife kicked my ass. This is because of my 76 toughness rating. Yes, a 76 is far better than the other ratings, but I’m a ******* lineman, damn it. NFL Linemen are considered to be synonymous with toughness. According to your game, I am a ********, uncoordinated, pussy-ass ****wad that can’t fall on a kickoff, throw, or spell. I am, however, slightly better at manning up on a receiver than dropping into zone coverage. You lose your mind more and more each year, old man.

When I'm not snapping balls, I snap necks.
**** you, John. Please expect to find red pubes in various meals you consume for the rest of your life. If you **** with Ethan Albright, you call down the thunder.

Rot in Hell,

Ethan Albright

Strathclyde Eagle 28-02-2009 10:32 AM

The Bucs just about cut half their roster, didn't they? Pity they couldn't have worked something out to let Derrick Brooks finish his career there.

nookiebear 28-02-2009 11:51 AM

Cap hell? not in DC. now we have re-signed derrick dockery to help out the left side of the offensive line.

I am half expecting Skins owner Snyder to come out and say, "sorry guys i was talking about my free agency signings on Madden"

incredibly it seems Tampa actually offered Albert even more than the Skins did!

saxoneagle 28-02-2009 08:30 PM

Today, we wave goodbye to Paul.

Matt Cassel traded to the Chiefs, along with Vrabel for a SECOND ROUND pick.

So, not only did we not get a first rounder, we gave two players away for a second rounder.


pauldrulez 28-02-2009 08:49 PM

Considering where #34 is going, i'm happy.

I personally have better things to do with my life anyway and have only posted Patriots stuff anyway.

And Vrabel is having a shoulder operation and was crap last year anyway, so his replacement that is coming will be better.

I was right with the franchising, right on the trading, right on Brady's injury.

You can stick your thread up your arses.

pauldrulez 28-02-2009 08:57 PM

And, in fact I reckon if the new signing doesn't arrive it becomes a first in 2010 anyway.

I'll finish with one final thing.

Happy Birthday elliott.

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