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Norwich_Eagle 15-10-2023 10:13 PM

As a Bears fan. I hate NFL.

Most of the offensive line injured before tonight and then Fields go off injured during it.

Latvian Eagle 15-10-2023 11:04 PM

Panthers 0-6... :hmph: Glad to see the rebuild.going really well!!!

kayjay 23-10-2023 05:27 AM

Liking the Falcons running game. Like Ridder too.

CT_Palace 24-10-2023 03:04 AM


Originally Posted by CP-RJW (Post 17071460)
I chose the Vikings because I liked the purple and gold, Adrian Peterson and I found their team history to be a hilarious dark comedy. 7th best all time win percentage but no superbowls, itís absurd.

Having a good game so far tonight.

9ers look off..... again

CT_Palace 24-10-2023 04:03 AM

Well, 9ers no way are getting anything from this game.
Big plays going against them by very fine margins, marginal ref calls going against them. It's just not happening. Well played Vikes.

Vikes to avoid a 0-4 loss record at home to start the season.

CT_Palace 30-10-2023 02:53 AM

Wheels well and truly fallen off in Santa Clara.
Ah well.

Dingle 03-11-2023 09:42 PM

Dolphins Chiefs as a Sunday afternoon game should be a brilliant way to warm up to red zone. Kinda fancy the dolphins but should be a close game either way

tsunamiman 06-11-2023 01:03 AM

Eagles constantly having late games is gonna kill my Monday productivity.

greybot 06-11-2023 09:31 AM

I watched Dolphins Chiefs. Was a pretty exciting second half until the Dolphins of the last 20 years decided to resurface 2 minutes before the end. Shame as they had been the better team for the most part and was hoping for overtime. Mahomes is just so clinical the chiefs don't need to be on top all game to get it done.

CT_Palace 12-11-2023 10:30 PM

Injured players back, 9ers back.

EagleSE24 19-11-2023 09:57 PM

Bears looking good for the no. 1 pick on the draft next year with the Panthers’ current record. Still hoping Justin Fields can be the WB everyone thought he could be, but still not sure.

EagleSE24 19-11-2023 10:48 PM

God damn the Bears are shite. 12 points up with 4mins to play.

CT_Palace 24-11-2023 03:25 AM

Loving the 9ers tonight :lux:

Tripod 10 24-11-2023 12:03 PM

Good win for Dallas. Like the way the offence performed and congrats to Bland for an NFL interception record. By the way, the Commodes QB looks decent. Give him a decent O Line and he will shine.

tsunamiman 27-11-2023 09:44 AM


Originally Posted by tsunamiman (Post 17129194)
Eagles constantly having late games is gonna kill my Monday productivity.


kayjay 29-11-2023 12:44 AM

Running out of superlatives for Jalen Hurts.
Unwavering self-belief he can get the win from any deficit.
Defence has been great - keep putting him back out there for another drive.

hughff 29-11-2023 12:53 AM

I felt that Hurts was railroaded a bit at Bama and was actually a better prospect than he was given credit for as a result. However, his on-going dominance at the Eagles is more than I expected.

CT_Palace 03-12-2023 10:42 PM

Not got much hope for a 9ers win today.
This game might be NFC No1 v No2 but I reckon the quality gap is too big for the 9ers.

And the 1Q showing exactly that. JH manages to avoid the best defense in the league every play so far.

2Q waaaaaaaay better :lux:

CT_Palace 04-12-2023 12:58 AM


Big big big ... huuuuuge game for the 9ers.

kayjay 04-12-2023 01:26 AM

Deebo turned it on after 1st quarter

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