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Chester 11-06-2008 10:05 PM

Im also a bit sceptical about doing the drafts on two consecutive sundays.

I mean for me 4pm sunday is 11am here and i certainly cant commit to spending hours on the computer in the middle of a sunday especially consecutive ones.

Doesnt the baseball one do it over a longer period of time and people can pm each other their picks. Seems like a more sensible option.

Anyway will see what everyone says before rocking the boat

pauldrulez 11-06-2008 11:16 PM

Well how often do you all come on the BBS? Once a day? One round a day.

Or shall I just let the system randomise it itself, saves alot of time and effort and means that I dont do anything.

Benzhiyi 12-06-2008 12:11 AM

Yes, the baseball way works brilliantly. Paul, drop Steve In Phoenix a line and he'll outline the details.

pauldrulez 12-06-2008 12:23 AM

Is it basically setting up a yahoo group which is what I read in the first few pages, Since there is never going to be a time when we are all on and are able to do an online draft, there has to be a way of doing it where it doesnt take about 3 years for it to be completed.

Benzhiyi 12-06-2008 01:09 AM

No, we do the baseball one over email, not on a Yahoo group. Takes about a month.

Chester 12-06-2008 03:04 AM

Sorry to be a pain Paul. I just dont think i can commit two sundays to doing a draft especially when its in the middle of the day for me.

I normally have no idea what im doing at the weekends and dont wont to cock it up for everyone by not being available. Thats my only problem with doing it then

elliott 12-06-2008 03:16 AM

To be fair, I don't really mind, but I often can't spent long periods of time on the old interweb due to my job.

Chester 12-06-2008 03:29 AM

How long is it expected to last? There is no real rush is there to get it done. I think its nigh on impossible to get everyone online at the same time for a long period so and extended length of draft is probably the best option imo

Strathclyde Eagle 12-06-2008 11:38 AM


Originally posted by pauldrulez
Those that have confirmed since and registered

So, Ben and Blue Boy, get back on here.

Yeah Ben, stop enjoying your honeymoon and get back on here. :clown: :vader:

(Worried now that Ben has actually replied..)

jazman 12-06-2008 01:25 PM


Originally posted by saxoneagle
Go here:

Click "Private"

Oh, yeah... you do need a hotmail address...

(I logged out of my MSN to test it and it asked me to log back in :D)

However, I did ultimately use my "other" address when I registered. Maybe you could use someone elses hotmail account? :D

:lux: I've done it so now with you guys. I forgot that I binned an MSN addy a while ago so tried that and it worked! I then sign up using whatever mail address I want as you originally said ... Phew! :D

Benzhiyi 12-06-2008 01:36 PM


Originally posted by Strathclyde Eagle
Yeah Ben, stop enjoying your honeymoon and get back on here. :clown: :vader:

(Worried now that Ben has actually replied..)

My honeymoon finished on Tuesday - I'm back at work (and missing being in Boston with the wife and the Sox!) now.

jazman 12-06-2008 01:38 PM

By the way, I'm not around on the 12/13 July. Sorry to scupper any plan .... Adding to the issue of being at the PC for so doing the draft, but surely we have plenty of time to do the draft so doing it here or by email or MSN would make sense especially due to the different time zones.

By the way, I've registered. Please tell me if I need to do anything more at this stage or is just registering enough?

Benzhiyi 12-06-2008 04:00 PM

Is the Fox one actually any good?

I'd quite like to go with Yahoo, but maybe that's just because it's what I'm used to. My attempts to set up a league via nfl.com on here last year were ill-fated...

Riccardo 12-06-2008 04:07 PM


Originally posted by Benzhiyi
...missing being in Boston with the wife ...
I'm getting all emotional again !

Anyway, you eggheads. Do you think the Bears will do anything this year ?

pauldrulez 12-06-2008 06:02 PM

I would imagine that the Fox one is as good as any, there is no real difference.

How does the email thing work? Does it get emailed to all or what? Describe it for me:D

Benzhiyi 13-06-2008 01:27 AM

Do you say there is no difference because you've tried them before? Because there's plenty of difference in how they're set up, their scoring systems, how they draft, when they're updated, whether you play head-to-head or cumulative... seriously, don't just assume they're all the same because they're called Fantasy NFL or what have you.

pauldrulez 13-06-2008 09:02 AM

At the end of the day, the points can be changed or the positions can be changed, the amount of trades can be changed.

tbh, I really cannot be bothered with doing this anymore.

AddiscombeEagle 13-06-2008 11:02 AM

Calm down it will all work out.

jazman 13-06-2008 12:57 PM

We'll find a way ... :p

AddiscombeEagle 13-06-2008 11:39 PM

OK, I have signed up to the league

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