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davematt 03-12-2018 12:53 PM


Originally Posted by CT_Palace (Post 14526222)
This lot seem determined to give the opposition every chance they can take. Iíve forgotten how many times they have given the ball away in scoring situations or penaltied themselves out of scoring positions.
Today was yet another foot shooting exercise despite Mullensí 400 plus passing yds. What does close on 500 offensive yds for 16pts tell you?

Complete shambles.

Tank the season job for me.

Off season is more important than the season now.

Need to get a legit pass rusher with our draft pick (I believe we would would currently get No 1 ahead of Oakland); if he passes the physicals, Nick Bosa is a lock.

Then use free agency and the rest of the draft to load up with some speed on offence to give Jimmy G some help once he's healthy.

We have two legit RB's (Mckinnon and Brieda), a top tier TE in Kiddle, and some good weapons on the outside, but we need more.

CT_Palace 10-12-2018 03:33 AM

I think they must have heard me.

CP-RJW 11-12-2018 05:45 AM

Kirk Cousins career:

Primetime Games: 5-13
vs Winning Teams: 4-24
vs Winning Teams This Year: 0-5
Career Road Record: 12-23-2
Career Record On Monday Night Football: 0-7

CP-RJW 11-12-2018 05:46 AM

84 million... Not just his fault, Vikings O-Line as a whole is full of problems. But we may as well have just kept Keenum and saved the money.

hughff 11-12-2018 06:42 AM

I honestly think Keenum is better than Cousins in any pressure game. Vikings paid Cousins twice what he was worth.

aj4england 11-12-2018 10:01 AM

Hard to read into Cardinals season beyond the writing was on the wall from Weeks 1-3.

Worst offence in the league, could easily set Rosen back a few years. Full O-line on IR doesnt help, along with $39m of dead money (Bradford, seriously!) has crippled.

The 5th highest cap space combined with the least amount of already signed players for 2019 mean, plus a Top 7 Round 1 draft pick means it is time for a serious rebuild.

Cambridge Eagle 11-12-2018 10:14 AM


Originally Posted by CP-RJW (Post 14541103)
84 million... Not just his fault, Vikings O-Line as a whole is full of problems. But we may as well have just kept Keenum and saved the money.

I agree. Seemed a strange one at the time. You're stuck with him now given the guaranteed money.

Amazing that one of the Vikings and Eagles will be in the playoffs in all likelihood. I can't see the Panthers not losing twice to the Saints. Given the respective schedules the Vikings should get the 6th seed.

It's incredible how poor both teams have been given they were in the NFC Championship game last season.

Whoever finishes 6th though I can't see going past the wildcard round.

I'm an Eagles fan (for obvious reasons) and I was quite optimistic at the start of the season with Wentz coming back, but injuries at RB and across the whole of the defence, especially in the secondary have made it tough. Plus slow starts every single week!

Norwich_Eagle 11-12-2018 05:19 PM

After the Sunday Night game...COME ON YOU BEARS!!

TeamSlack 12-12-2018 02:35 AM

If the tight ends show up in the red zone it is Donkey Kong Time for Dallas all the way to an NFC Championship loss.

hughff 14-12-2018 07:05 AM

Refs certainly helped the Chargers today.

Del Martian 14-12-2018 08:52 PM

Chiefs v Chargers - officiating was dodgy on both sides; certainly KC's last TD drive was aided by 4 holding calls; some were barely a touch. Ref's missed Maholmes deliberate grounding when Bosa got a facemask penalty, which would have off-set. Finally the refs ignored the helmet to helmet on Rivers in the last minute. Even Troy Aikman commented on the bias favoring the home team. Yes the PI in the last seconds was slight, but KC had more help overall. Great game. Now come on Seahawks...

hughff 15-12-2018 12:06 AM

Dunno Del. While I was watching (missed much of first half), Chargers seemed to get the more significant breaks.

Seahawks do look playoff bound. NFC West is a bit of an odd division: two teams are, frankly, dreadful and two are genuinely competitive. I have a gut feeling that coaches may have worked out the Rams, however.

CT_Palace 17-12-2018 01:34 AM

A 4 year, 10 game wait finally ended.
What's telling is that the 9ers have had 6 QB's and 2 different head coaches since the last time we beat Seattle in 2013 - only 4 years ago. (and there's only 2 players who featured in the game today that were on the roster then too!)

It was a close run thing but eventually Seattle out-penaltied the 9ers, who still went on a foot-shooting exercise at a couple of crucial points in the game.
All sarcasm aside, there are some decent young players at SF. If only the organization can sort itself out and make the most of them. There’ll be some disaster of some sort during the off-season no doubt.

Seems a long long time since i have had the pleasure of a double win in a weekend (Palace on Saturday, 9ers on Sunday)

Funk Butter 17-12-2018 02:27 AM

Considering this is the year of the offense, there has been an awful lot of shutouts recently.

kayjay 18-12-2018 01:52 AM

Colts & Ravens have been winning ugly but winning nevertheless.
Cowgirls have the softest run home.

Norwich_Eagle 18-12-2018 11:40 AM

With two rounds left, as it stands:

Wild-Card Round


Ravens (6th) @ Patriots (3rd)
Chargers (5th) @ Steelers (2nd)


Vikings (6th) @ Bears (3rd)
Seahawks (5th) @ Cowboys (4th)

Divisional Round


Low Seed Remaining @ Chiefs (1st)
High Seed Remaining @ Texans (2nd)


Low Seed Remaining @ Saints (1st)
High Seed Remaining @ Rams (2nd)

In The Hunt


Colts & Titans who share an 8-6-0 with the Ravens
Dolphins on 7-7-0
Browns on 6-7-1


Eagles & Redskins on 7-7-0
Panthers on 6-8-0

Funk Butter 18-12-2018 01:30 PM

Dan Quinn has finally been relieved from the top spot of the NFL Coach Odorous Boner list.


aj4england 19-12-2018 03:13 PM

Looking forward to the Christmas period for NFL, all starting to take shape.

Looking further ahead, my Cardinals will surely tank to get pick 1, though the Raiders may not be as fussed. There roster looks pretty poor but have Pick 1 or 2, plus Pick 23 and 27 in R1 currently. As for Cardinals, we didnt replace Calias Campbell but this years draft class high picks look defensive based which i'm sure we will go for, even though we could do with adding as much as we can to provide Rosen protection and weapons.

Beckenham Boy 21-12-2018 11:49 AM

Is there any team that has done better 1st round Draft picks over the last 4 years than the Chargers? I'm biased I guess, but the last 4 1st round picks for the Chargers were:
Melvin Gordon
Joey Bose
Mike Williams
Derwin James

All 4 are on fire this year and a large part of us being where we are right now

aj4england 21-12-2018 11:54 AM


Originally Posted by Funk Butter (Post 14549704)
Considering this is the year of the offense, there has been an awful lot of shutouts recently.

Injuries, the new penalty rulings finally settling down plus busy schedules, teams offenses are struggling.

Some big stars have been hit by injuries too, Rams have lost Cupp, Cheifs have lost Hunt and Watkins, Saints lost Bryant (though he never featured), Patriots have lost Gordon.

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