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elliott 13-01-2009 11:09 PM


Originally Posted by AddiscombeEagle
What do you mean the Sky contract has come to the end? Will it not be on Sky next year?

Please tell me I won't have to invest in Setanta.

I think the current Sky contract has ended, allowing them to re-work terms, possibly leading to an NFL Network channel of its own....

That's the way I looked into it.

Watching Superbowl XXXI (GB v NE). The classiest uniforms against probably the skankiest things the NFL has ever seen. Seriously, at what point in the late 90s did someone think these looked nice??? Were they on crack?





pauldrulez 13-01-2009 11:15 PM


Originally Posted by elliott
I think the current Sky contract has ended, allowing them to re-work terms, possibly leading to an NFL Network channel of its own....

That's the way I looked into it.


Talking of throwbacks (again). My Bruschi throwback arrived :)

Waiting for a Gostkowski replica to be made available and my collection is complete :D

pauldrulez 13-01-2009 11:16 PM


You are right, those green shirts are hideous......


:D ;)

elliott 13-01-2009 11:16 PM


Is it said skanky jersey?

pauldrulez 13-01-2009 11:18 PM

Nope, it is the red throwback. No logos. Official and Real.

From the PatriotsProShop :)

Benzhiyi 13-01-2009 11:48 PM


Originally Posted by pauldrulez
Bruschi... oh wait, he isn't liked that much from what I hear. Four words... MAYO ;)

Erm... the Phins have Porter right now. Dansby at the Cards. Dawkins at the Eagles. A lot of teams do, but some have some younger players who combine together as a Team rather than the one player.

None of these are leaders of Lewis's caliber in terms of what he offers both on and off the field, day in, day out.

I direct you to the book Next Man Up by John Feinstein.

You read the Michael Lewis one I recommended, right?

pauldrulez 13-01-2009 11:52 PM

He said Ray Lewis ;)

And yes I did read it as I told you when I said Oher would go Number One in the draft when we done the predictions 2 months back ;)

And tbh, I was just naming the first teams that popped into my head.

What about Haynesworth. Or an Urlacher. Or for a future one. Patrick Willis.

pauldrulez 13-01-2009 11:57 PM




pauldrulez 13-01-2009 11:57 PM

And of course...

Not forgetting

(attempting a joke at my own expense)


elliott 14-01-2009 12:01 AM

I'd buy anything written by Howie though.


pauldrulez 14-01-2009 12:05 AM

I cant read the book that doesn't have the word "Belichick" or "Brady" in it.

Neither are in the Index. boo ;)

Benzhiyi 14-01-2009 12:15 AM


Originally Posted by pauldrulez
He said Ray Lewis ;)

I meant Lewis, it was a typo!! :angel:

pauldrulez 14-01-2009 12:22 AM

Yeah, right.

;) We believe you.

Benzhiyi 14-01-2009 12:25 AM

Read the Pete Williams one. It's ok. Reasonably well research but he's a poor imitation of Lewis and Feinstein in terms of his writing style.

Won't be going near that Belicheat book though, sorry.

Benzhiyi 14-01-2009 12:26 AM


Originally Posted by pauldrulez
Yeah, right.

;) We believe you.

Given that I linked to a book which consistently highlight's Lewis's leadership qualities, I win. :hi:

pauldrulez 14-01-2009 12:41 AM


Its an old book, its out of date. All about Ed Reed now ;)

jlmatthews 14-01-2009 01:01 AM


Originally Posted by saxoneagle
No-one mentioned Dungy retiring???

A big hit for Indy. He has been nothing but a professional class act during his time there. He went through a lot there... including when his son committed suicide. Having met and interviewed him a few times when I was back in Indiana, I have nothing but respect for him. He's not caught up in himself or the game... he had a great perspective on things...

Strathclyde Eagle 14-01-2009 10:34 AM

I love Will Leitch.

The Arizona Cardinals have been so horrible for so long that no media members have even the slightest inkling of respect for them. The majority haven't paid attention to them in two decades and have been waiting for the Cardinals to lose so they don't have to do any more research. The best example of this was Cris Carter, who, on Sunday night, called Cardinals linebacker Karlos Dansby, alternately, "Dansmon," "Dockett" and "Darnell Dansby." (Amusingly, Carter tried to cover his tracks by pointing out that Dansby was "great at Florida State." Dansby went to Auburn; defensive tackle Darnell Dockett went to Florida State.) It's difficult to blame anyone for this. There are 32 teams in the NFL, and each team has 53 roster spots. That's 1,696 players to keep track of. You have to end up ignoring somebody, and for the last 30-some-odd years, the most efficient team to ignore has been the Arizona Cardinals.


Did Cardinals fans exist prior to this month?

Surprisingly, yes. When they moved to Arizona in 1988, blind excitement led the locals to sell out Sun Devil Stadium. Then they began to play, which did nothing to help ticket sales.

jazman 14-01-2009 01:21 PM

Got this email today from NFLUK site. Anyone attending?


As a registered user on www.nfluk.com we are thrilled to offer you the
opportunity to get your hands on tickets to join us at IndigO2, London for Super
Bash VI presented by AirAsia.com and Coors Light.

The event will take place at IndigO2 at The O2, London on Sunday February 1st
2009, 8pm until after the game!

Arrive early to make sure that you don't miss the live entertainment starting
at 8:30pm. Followed by live and uninterrupted Super Bowl XLIII screening from
the National Anthem onwards.

Entry with tickets only
(Applicants must be over 18 years of age, and are by invitation only. They are
not for resale.)

Click here to reserve your exclusive ticket and get more details on the action
you can look forward to: www.nfluk.com/superbash/

Please complete your application by Tuesday January 20th. Applicants will be
chosen by lottery and will be informed if they will be attending Super Bash by
email by Thursday January 22nd. Tickets will be sent out by Monday January 26th.

This invitation-only Super Bowl party will feature BBC Radio and TV personality
Trevor Nelson hosting a fantastic line-up of entertainment, including live music
from The Saturdays, performances by Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleaders, special
guests, live DJs, competitions to win NFL goodies, and most importantly live
coverage of Super Bowl XLIII live from Tampa Bay, Florida on three giant screens
with a comfortable seated area.

Latvian Eagle 14-01-2009 01:26 PM

In NFL when do teams usually wear throwbacks? Is it divisional games? :confused:

In NBA it seems a bit more random, and they have a thing called Hardwood classics too!

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