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Funk Butter 12-10-2021 04:50 PM


Originally Posted by Paulinmorden (Post 16047453)
Are there questions to be asked about the recipient's of the emails asking why they never challenged the language..
Also the Raiders accepted his resignation. From the sound of it he should have been sacked.


According to The Times, Gruden sent emails to Bruce Allen, then the president of the Washington Football Team, and others during a seven-year period that ended in 2018.

greybot 17-10-2021 10:16 PM

I saw the Jags losing streak come to an end LIVE. Absolutely brilliant day. Still buzzing :lux:

greybot 17-10-2021 10:19 PM

Oh and was row 12 behind the field goal at the winning end. Had a half way line side view last week but view today was far better. Madden point of view and all the big plays at my end :p

Spindle 17-10-2021 11:07 PM

Browns offense deciding that they don't actually want the ball so are just handing it to the Cardinals in a variety of ways.

Latvian Eagle 17-10-2021 11:56 PM

Can we bin off Darnold yet? :hmph: Thanks!

Spindle 18-10-2021 12:11 AM

Browns with yet another turnover.

tsunamiman 18-10-2021 02:12 PM

Eagles currently have 3 of the top 9 picks in the 2022 draft. Considering how bad we are I'm gonna be watching teams against the Dolphin and Colts for the rest of the season.

CT_Palace 25-10-2021 03:28 AM

9ers on SNF.
In the middle of the mega storm hitting CA.
They may as well be playing with a big bar of soap.

CT_Palace 25-10-2021 04:29 AM

Only took the 9ers 1 half and 9 mins of the 3rdQ to convert a 3rd down *facepalm*
Following set of downs JG fumbles (for the umpteenth time) *double facepalm*
All Wentz has to do is throw it long at the SF safeties to draw a pass interference (just short of 100yds so far) *treble facepalm*

Latvian Eagle 25-10-2021 12:51 PM

Panthers throwing their hat in the ring for DeShaun Watson. Not surprised given how shit Darnold is. Got benched in the 4th Quarter for PJ Walker yesterday.

Spindle 31-10-2021 09:02 PM

Come back by the Jets? No way!

Spindle 31-10-2021 09:07 PM

Colts, oh dear lol

Spindle 31-10-2021 09:15 PM

What a game this Colts Titans match is

greybot 31-10-2021 09:51 PM

I watched it all! Great game. Titans are going to the superbowl!

CP-RJW 31-10-2021 10:06 PM

Despite losing to the Titans, I still think the Bills are the best team in the AFC, but time will tell.

Spindle 07-11-2021 10:36 PM

NFC, Green Bay are 7&1, even bottom KC are going to be a test on their defence

greybot 07-11-2021 11:32 PM

Jags won.

Last time Palace and Jags both won and made it a double weekend for me was September 2020. :eek:

CT_Palace 08-11-2021 01:14 AM

9ers fold to a Murray-less Arizona.
Even their backup QB is better than Garappolo who is not good enough under pressure, not mobile enough, and can’t complete the critical plays.
Not fair to blame this seasons malaise entirely on him though. Injuries have played their part again - not having any running backs is a real issue. And the defence has been unusually poor.

Latvian Eagle 08-11-2021 08:52 AM


Originally Posted by Latvian Eagle (Post 16055076)
Can we bin off Darnold yet? :hmph: Thanks!

I repeat.

LLCOOLSTEVE 11-11-2021 11:06 PM

Superman is home :love:

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